Kardus Imajinasi

Kardus Imajinasi

Sabtu, 30 April 2016

Where are you now?

I feel guilty when my close friends are far from me.
IDK, there is  neither something wrong to me, like a bipolar man who act different emotions in each communications.
This is symbolized emotions of communication to my close friends.

First moment is when I had been taking English Course.  I was an introvert person, when I met new person, I can't talk more than I need to. But here was first time other person began to make conversation with me. He was Kun. Then, time by time I was closer with other, like the eldest student, Pratiwi Dinda (teh Dinda), Adhi and the beautiful and youngest student, Jasmine. Next, the student has changed more than once, but we were still same, but other came and in. The others were coming, were Harland, Ridho, Kak Hakim (Lukman Hakim), teh Citra, teh Cica (Ressa), and Farid. They made my life cheerful and colorful. However, the students needed to improve their level of English, so that they did must take test for increasing their level and each level got harder. At moment, they had left one by one because they were graduated, busy with their business. At last, in 2013s they are left, included me.  
TBI Close Friend
1st line: Nico (the white tshirt man), Adhi (the black one), Arga (check shirt), and Ridho.
2nd: Teh Dinda, Teh Citra, Indry, Nadia, and me.
last: Jasmine, teh Cica, kak Hakim, Farid, and Harland.
 While I was taking English course, I was also student of English Department. Here was 39 students, but then here became this (you can look at the below pictures). Some of them are my close friend, I think. Who are they?
Patty, Faizal, Heni, Trew, Fresty, and Wheni.
The reason why they are my close friend, I think, some of them are from same area (Tasikmalaya and nearest) and to support me to survive in this university. One of them is still communication with me. Thanks, Hen. How's other? IDK their condition, I lost contact with some of them, part of them are already getting married. Happy Wedding Trew and Wheni although both of you are not couple! hehehe
First line: Trew, Jebe, Diyani, Caca, Wheni, Ria, Radit, Andika, and me.
Second: Maya, Fresty, Yulia, Hana, Risca, Indah, Raditia, Iffa, and Tasya.
Third: Muti, Putri, Anggi, Yaya, Heni, Patty, Cece, Lala, and Yuri.
Last: Faizal, Hamdan, Giant, Ima, Odi, Egi, and Akbar.
 Recently feeling is I miss my recent close friend. And the name of this is "Geng Baso Ikan (literary translated: Fish meatball gang). The person of them is kang Agus, Juli, teh Heni, kak Billy, Wifa and teh Heni. I have known them from organization which I participate in.

But since Kuliah Kepenulisan 4, they have been being busy with their business, while my need is still to do everything (writing, sharing "curhat", and going sightseiing) together. There is missed moment, especially for teh Heni, but I don't know there is neither caused by me. I think, some of problem is made to be trouble.
I was thankful to them to come in my graduation ceremony, but then they spread in their live.
kang Agus, Juli, teh Heni, kak Billy, and Wifa.

Though, I have close friends who left me, I am still a need to keep contact with me. My need is different with their needs. They have priorities for the best.

Kamis, 25 Februari 2016

Perasaanku padanya

Ini perasaan terdalam saya kepada sesuatu yang disukai. Dia yang memberikan kenyamanan dalam hati ini. Jika diminta penjelasan bagaimana kenyamanan yang dimaksud, saya sendiri kurang memahami bagaimana bisa saya utarakan. Saya hanya cukup bisa berbicara panjang lebar dengannya dengan respon yang menyenangkan (tidak adanya kekerasan). Senyaman-nyamannya saya pun pasti ada rasa yang menggelitik dalam hati, yaitu ketakutan. Ya, ketakutan akan ditinggalkan tanpa alasan darinya kepada saya. Pertama saya beri alasan karena saya pernah mengalami hal ini, saat saya merasa nyaman dengan seseorang tetapi dia meninggalkan saya tanpa ada alasan apa-apa. Hanya segurat luka yang jika diingat akan perih seperti luka tergores pisau yang ditetesi jeruk limau. Dan yang terakhir rasa nyaman ini laksana tidur di atas kasur yang empuk, jika kasur yang disana ada saya itu tiba-tiba digusur, badan saya akan mengalami remuk-remuk. Ketakutan ini bukan berarti saya berprasangka buruk, tetapi mewaspadai akan adanya "penggusuran kasur". Selama ada ketakutannya ini, saya kadang merasa melakukan banyak kesalahan. Sebab saya kurang sempurna menjalani tugas menjadi manusia untuknya. Saya ingin yang sempurna di hatinya. Semoga yang ada disana semoga mengerti.

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2016

Resolution of 2015

This is not wrong title, but I will tell you bout resolution of last year.

Almost 4  years ago I left this blog second times. First one is when I was busy with my activity in university and the last one is the missed memory of password (I forget the password).
This post is gonna be telling you about during lost contact of this blog while this is a way to get my resolution.

On late June 2015, I was taking Final Exam (Translate: Sidang Skripsi). This moment was not easy to take it before. Because of my debt of classes had been still exist and their score hadn't come yet. Luckily let it flow, I could take the final exam with Adrianita and other friends. At last, I got score of A in my Skripsi. Alhamdulillah!!
Me and Adrianita and her friend at Jatos, after stressful Final Exam.

After that, on August 6 2015 I gave a priceless yet simple present to my mother. I am thankful to god, can give it to her. The present is also my achievement from survives in the university. It's not only the end, but also the beginning of my life. It's named Wisuda (tr: graduation).

President of University (Rektor) congrulate to me
 Before two moments occured as I said above texts, I had been participation in Open Recruitment of Writer Non-Profit Organization. This moment included seminars and workshop. They taught me about the writing proccess and editing ones. This one was happily same with my birthday. However unfortunately in first meeting (my birthday) I was absent because I had gotten sick. :(
This is the poster
Since this event, I have befriended with new friends, such as Mz.Mirawati, the kindergarten teacher yet  writer is her passion; Mr. Haariz Abdullah is the leader of this organization (his periode 2015-2017); Mz.Nurul Maria Sisilia is ex leader (her periode 2013-2015); Dimas Galih a.k.a Dimas Pettigrew is Indonesian Department in same univeristy of me; Mr.Agus a.k.a Abdullah Abus is the short story mentor; Mr.Hadi Subari is my own motivation.

Time by time the member was added. First wave an ex proofreader joint with this organization, her name is Heni Haryani. Luckily she was not allone to join, my senior also came together in this.  Then the young girl has come to this organization, she is Wifa.

Happily they came to my graduation. I was happy to meet them.

Billy, Agus, my father, me, my mom, Mirawati, Heni, and Wifa
Time flew so fast, the members didn't stop being added. The new ones were Juliyanto Sugihartono (the owner of his blog and admin of organization) and Nurhikmah Tali Asih a.k.a Lili (the owner of her blog).

In independence day of Indonesia, our organization managed to participate in Bandung Youth Forum. Here was all  youth organization together.  

Our organization and our guest star from Cianjur
Last month, our organization has held open recruitment again. This is I was being a input database and contact person of participant and program division. How terrible it was! but it was fun. I enjoyed with my position although some underpressure came when I got faillure.

First Week
I can't explain it more, because the blog of organization has told to you on.

This is a little of achievement in my resolution for 2015. I have done it successfully. Because my resolution in last year is simple: "Getting Better". That's all. I hope this year (2016) I can be more better person.

NB: Forgive me if my English grammar is not as well as native speaker says on this blog. In addition, my project of J50K can't be continued because the topic will be presented in my novel someday.  I hope you'll enjoy. :)

Minggu, 20 Desember 2015


Setelah sekian lama tidak memposting blog, akhirnya kembali. Yeaaay!